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The service that I provide is custom-making items made of tinplate, both hot dip tin as well as electro plated tin. These items are cups, mugs, wall sconces, lanterns, various containers, repairs and movie props. What determines what type of tin will be used to make an item is simple. I use hot dip tin for items that are food safe and might take some heat, electro plated tin may also be used as well. For lanterns and other items, I use electro plated tin because of the cost and it is easier to get. Hot dip tin can cost three times as much as electro plated tin. I am not running a business, but simply enjoy making these items as a hobby.  I try to provide education about the age-old craft of tin-making. As I practice perfecting my skills in this craft, I do end up with many items and not enough relatives, friends, and neighbors to offer the hand-made items to.  I do offer for sale all of the items on the Gallery page at a very fair price to recover my material cost and shop expenses. If you see something you would like to purchase, please contact me on this site with the item number and I will ship the item to you (shipping cost applies). If I do not have an item that you want in stock, I will custom make it for you. All of the items on the gallery page are established designs that I have perfected and have patterns and templates for.  It typically takes me 2 to 4 weeks to make an item, depending on the time of the year.


 I also produce some parts like dome convex tops by Metal Spinning. Eighty-five percent of what I make is made with and using tools that can be over 100 years old. All of the seams and joints are soldered with food-safe 100% tin solder or 95% tin and 5% silver.  100% tin solder cost 36.00 a pound, and 95% tin and 5% silver is 68.00 a pound and that solder will take more heat like for a coffee pot. All the glass in the glass lanterns is double strength 1/8" glass. The candles that are provided are steric acid wax made from plant sources. They burn bright white, do not smoke and do not drip wax. They will burn about 1 inch an hour. These candles do produce a lot of heat, so they are best used outdoors.


 Feel free to peruse my gallery. New items are added all the time as soon as created. 

 Thank you!

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